Michael Bercovitch

I am a recent graduate with a degree in architecture from The Ohio State University. The Knowlton School of Architecture has truly helped me find a passion within architecture and design. Whether I'm tackling a new project with my peers or trying to keep it together before a review with my third cup of coffee, the studio is the perfect place for me. The most exciting part of architecture to me is the process of refining an idea. As a student, I have to rely on my own creativity to address the architectural condition, but it is through the input and criticism of my instructor and my peers where I learn the most. The studio becomes an effective learning environment where we can each communicate our understanding of space.

Outside of the studio, I enjoy playing basketball and discovering music. I have been playing basketball my whole life and through my experience, I have learned many leadership and communication skills that have helped me with my studies. Music discovery has also become a very cooperative process for me. I like to keep my ears occupied for the hours I spend working, so I curate playlists of my latest finds for my friends and me.

From all my experience inside and outside the classroom, I have developed strong social and communicative skills that have helped me succeed as a young professional. My passion for design and insatiable curiosity have fueled my strong work ethic.